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Kelly Koch Attorney at Law
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 68 reviews
by Robert on Kelly Koch Attorney at Law

If your looking for a no nonsense divorce attorney, you have come to the right place. They know the law, and will take care of you. Highly recommend.

by Jennifer on Kelly Koch Attorney at Law

I’m very grateful for Kelly and her staff who were there with me through an unfamiliar process during a difficult time. She made sure I understood what I needed to, and worked with me at every step. Professional, straight forward and very supportive. Kelly, Lorraine, and Michelle worked hard on my case. Very grateful to have them on my side! Would definitely recommend Kelly!

by Neil on Kelly Koch Attorney at Law
Great lawyer

I have done a consultation and mediation with Ms Koch. She is a Straight forward person with all the information you could need.
She does not let you ramble on witch is great no one likes putting their foot in their mouth. She made sure i understood everything and made sure i got what i wanted. I would recommend her to any one in need of legal advise.

by Laurie on Kelly Koch Attorney at Law
Just ok!

I was Kelly's client during a mediation regarding a child custody and child support modification. She was on her phone a lot of the time and not in touch in my opinion. She had an agenda in mind, but it was not the same agenda I had in mind. She hardly let me speak my thoughts, she wanted to do her own thing. I did appreciate her straight forwardness, as i am the same way. I ended up leaving the mediation not a happy person. I feel like i def. got the bad end of the deal and regret that I didn't push harder for what i wanted and thought my child and I deserved. It was easy money for her and not alot of effort.

Thank you for your feedback. Mediation involves a lot of down time while the mediator is speaking with opposing counsel and client. I tell clients and hopefully told you this prior to mediation (by phone, in person or letter), and often recommend bring a book or magazine. As technology has progressed, most clients answer emails or spend downtime on their phone or other apps. I am in the room and available for questions and strategizing the entire time. There is more discussion at the end of the mediation than in the beginning, as the beginning starts as introductions and background. I’m sorry it seemed as though I was not in touch. I assure you, I was. I tell clients several times throughout the process that even though you might be required by a Court to attend mediation, you are not required to settle your case unless you want to. I do not recommend agreeing to a proposal in mediation unless I think it’s the same or better result you will get in Court. I remind clients before signing Mediated Settlement Agreement that once you sign, it’s binding, so be sure. Mediation is a compromise, and nobody gets 100%. I sometimes say it’s like baseball, you shouldn’t expect a home run, but you won’t strike out either. I’m sorry you were unhappy, but assure you this was not a bad deal in light of all the circumstances. If you want to discuss further in private, please call the office.

by Christina on Kelly Koch Attorney at Law

Kelly is an amazing attorney! Even though such a difficult time she is very supportive! Love her and her team!

Thank you for everything!

by Rocky on Kelly Koch Attorney at Law

Kelly did a great job from start to finish. She’s straight forward, knows her business and and drives for closure. She has clout with the court. We arrived at the courtroom it was so full people were standing. She went up to the clerk and spoke with her and when the judge came in, we were placed first on the Docket. Competent, professional, thorough and personable. I thank her for her help and I highly recommend her to you!

by Katrina on Kelly Koch Attorney at Law

Kelly was a lifesaver in what was a difficult time for me.

She served me with the utmost consideration of my well-being.

Thank you Kelly!!

by Alfred on Kelly Koch Attorney at Law

I am so greatful to have Kelly by my side during this difficult time. Even though divirce is definitley a difficult process to go through for anyone she made me feel at ease and also helped me win my case. Can not thank her enough. If there is anything you need regarding family law I highly recomend hiring Kelly.

by Candi Hill on Kelly Koch Attorney at Law
Candi Hill

I am so glad I chose to use Kelly! Divorce is a tough process, and initially I thought I could forgo the expense of an attorney and attempt to do it on my own - I'm so glad I chose to hire Kelly instead. Kelly was very open and honest in explaining the law and the rules of the court in layman's terms and provided insight that allowed me to think beyond the immediate divorce proceedings and consider my long term needs to arrive at a fair settlement agreement. Kelly's long time experience in the area and local court systems definitely provided an extra edge in reaching a settlement that was more than I initially expected. I felt as though Kelly was looking out for my best interest just as she would for a close, personal friend. I am more than pleased with my settlement agreement and have Kelly and her staff to thank. Kelly, Lorraine and Michelle are definitely a great team to have on your side – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

by Herb N on Kelly Koch Attorney at Law
This is the attorney you want in your corner!

When I filed for divorce 13 years ago I used a different attorney who did not protect me at all. The poorly worded decree that he let me sign has been a huge burden on my life well after it should have been a distant memory. Kelly and her team guided me through a difficult mediation in which, thanks to my previous attorney, my ex held all of the cards. She quickly identified all of the flaws in my original decree and developed a sound plan to attack each. I really wished that I had had Kelly in my corner when I went through the divorce because I had really painted myself into a very dark corner. Kelly is honest, extremely knowledgeable, no-nonsense and fiercely loyal to her clients. She did a great job of redirecting my focus when I started going off in directions that were not advantageous to our case. I am also impressed with her staff who are top notch professionals who are very diligent and supportive. So despite the odds against us, Kelly somehow managed to get my payments reduced! If you are shopping for an attorney, stop right here and hire Kelly. You will be very thankful that you did. Thanks you so much, Kelly, Michelle and Lorraine!

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