Best Divorce Lawyer in Corpus Christi?

How do you define what constitutes the “Best Lawyer” in a given practice area?

The “Best Bankruptcy Lawyer” might have very little experience in handling a criminal law case

The “Best DWI Lawyer” could very well be less than effective in handling a probate law case

The “Best Divorce Lawyer”, as in any “Best Anything” can be difficult to precisely define

For example, in Criminal Law… one could look at a lawyers “win/loss” statistics, but that wouldn’t be enough.  A lawyer could “win” the case by negotiating a plea agreement for probation instead of jail time, etc.  The same applies in Family Law.  Winning could be decided in many ways.   Did you keep the house?  Did you get the children at times you wanted?  Did you get to keep all of your retirement?  Did you get to move out of the county?   Nobody gets everything, but knowing your priorities helps customize your settlement.

I like to find out what is important to my clients, and negotiate accordingly.  I like to keep communication open between parents, after all, you will be involved with the other parent forever.  Even after your children graduate, there are weddings and grandchildren to consider.

Your lawyer should fit your personality, and be someone you can rely on to tell you the hard truth.  You will spend a lot of time with your attorney and their legal assistants, so choose someone with whom you like to spend time but also, that you trust and will listen to. 

Many clients have told me, “you’re the best, thank you.”  I greatly appreciate their confidence in me.  There are many good lawyers to choose from and I hope to meet with you soon. 

Kelly Koch Attorney at Law

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